Supporting hospitality workers and employers through skills enhancements for return-to-work readiness.

The hospitality industry is reopening and there are opportunities to be part of that growing momentum. Workers in the hospitality industry – or those looking for new opportunities in the sector – can take advantage of  FREE online courses for the travel and hospitality community.  These carefully curated  courses are an opportunity to learn new safety protocols, help you advance your career, and feel more prepared to re-enter the workforce.

Hospitality EDGE is for everyone in the hospitality industry. It is developed through a partnership of Destination Toronto, the City of Toronto, the Tourism Office of the City of Brampton, and Tourism Mississauga, supported by funding from the Ontario Ministry of Heritage, Tourism, Sport and Culture Industries.  

How the Program Works 

This program was created for employees planning their return to work in the hospitality sector, current employees who want or need to up-skill, and people interested in joining the hospitality industry. No experience is necessary; anyone who is interested in a hospitality career is welcome. These courses are also for employers who may need training themselves. Employers can also share Hospitality EDGE with their staff to get them up to speed on new protocols.

Carefully review the program eligibility below, explore the learning pillar options and follow the links to our educational partners’ website. All of the course costs are covered by Hospitality EDGE, so you can focus on the training and advancing your career.

*All fees will be waived, do not submit any payments. Please get in touch with us if you are having difficulty logging into the educational partners’ websites.

Eligibility Criteria

Employers and employees living, working, or trying to find work in the Toronto, Mississauga, or Brampton regions are all eligible for these free courses. 

Employment Status
Open to any workers in the tourism and hospitality industry, regardless of current work status - employed, unemployed and trying to obtain work in the industry, furloughed and waiting to go back to work, and those curious about a career in hospitality.

Type of Workers
We offer courses for all occupations - front of house, back of house, sales, managerial, business owner - at all skills levels. Newcomers to the industry are also welcome! Those who have been working for several years who want to continue to grow their careers and industry veterans looking to expand their expertise.

  • How do I access the courses?
    Follow the links to our educational partners' sites, and please follow the instructions there. You will be able to find all available courses and register there. If any issues arise, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

    Do I have to pay anything? 
    No. There is no cost to participants. All costs for the courses are covered by Hospitality EDGE. Please do not submit any payment information. If this happens, please go back and ensure you accessed courses through the Hospitality EDGE website. If this problem persists, please contact us at

    How can I use this training? 
    Use this training to retrain, upgrade skills, explore new options and reemploy workers in the hospitality industry. You can also prepare yourself for management roles in tourism and hospitality businesses.

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