After more than a year of living through a pandemic, we know that mental health is key to well-being and an important part of performing our best in personal and professional lives.  These courses focus on resilience, mental health and identifying your personal strengths.  Polish your job interview techniques and prepare yourself for future career success. Learn to take care of yourself so that you can show up to work as the best possible version of yourself.

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Supervisor Training

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The goal of Emerit’s Supervisor Online Training is to provide you with an interesting and valuable learning resource that helps you become a skilled and effective supervisor. If you can master all of the skills in these training modules, there is an opportunity for you to become professionally recognized by obtaining Supervisor Professional Certification. The job of supervisor is defined here as an entry-level management position that reports to another level of management; people in this position are responsible for supervising others, directing customer service, and ensuring that an organization's policies and procedures are implemented.

Back to Work Bootcamp 

Led by a team of instructors and coaches with more than 50 years in hospitality between them, HWTC’s Back-to-Work Bootcamp will help prepare you to successfully enter the workforce in new or similar roles. Over two half-day sessions, you will explore your transferable skills; freshen up your soft skills; identify the best ways to work with new colleagues and customers; and prepare for work in a changed market.

Psychological Health & Safety

This online course is designed to teach individuals strategies that are proven to decrease stress, increase resiliency, and improve mental health. Psychological safety is linked to physical safety and is a top priority in our world today. Mental health is the leading cause of short and long-term disability, therefore prevention in the workplace is vital. The THINK’n program uses a variety of different teaching methods such as animations, live videos, audio, worksheets, and interactive exercises to ensure all learners can benefit from the course.

Introduction to Hospitality Sector

Learn about the hospitality and culinary sector. Explore the different types of roles and careers available, from chef and cook to wine agent and sommelier. Learn the difference between different types of hospitality businesses such as restaurants, catering, private chefs and more. Learn the basics of how these different types of businesses operate. Explore a range of trends and changes in the industry, including types of hospitality businesses, different types of careers in hospitality, trend and changes in the industry (sustainability and COVID-19), and more.

Business of Hospitality

Our Business of Hospitality course provides you with an overview of the many areas of the hospitality and tourism business, including the concept, the marketing strategy, human resources, layout and design. Learn the factors that go into a successful hospitality business while also considering the unique challenges of the tourism industry, including staffing, location and leasing, managing payroll, HST collection and remittance, income taxes, WSIB, health and safety inspections, cost reduction strategies, and further resources.