Digital Literacy

Get familiar with the basics of Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. Learn how to reach 2.62 billion users on Facebook and Instagram, with courses taught by marketing experts who share detailed strategies. Upgrade your digital fluency skills with Digital Information Management, Data Collection, Interpretation & Analysis, Digital Communication, Ethics & Security Awareness and more. These courses offer all levels of learning.

Digital and Social Media Marketing Fundamentals

This free online course was created by Digital and Social Media Marketing experts, who work in the Digital Marketing space. These professionals have to keep up with the most recent Digital Marketing best practices and industry updates. Through this course, they share that knowledge directly with you.

The course was created to provide a practical and step-by-step Digital and Social Media Marketing overview along with detailed strategy and implementation insight. This course is about real-world application; not just theory.  If you are interested in becoming a Digital Marketer or upgrade your current marketing skills, this is the course for you. Our goal is to have you work-ready and certified upon completing this 12-hour online program.