Customer Service

If you’re looking to master customer service, these courses will help you excel in areas like dispute resolution, cultural awareness, and professional communications. Learn strategies for leveraging and developing your Emotional Intelligence which will help you to enhance your social skills and cope with the challenges you come across in customer-facing roles.

Follow the course links below to our Educational Partners’ websites, where you will have access to all Hospitality EDGE selected courses.

Restaurant Basics

HWTC’s Restaurant Basics can give you the head start you need to land an in-demand job with a great hospitality employer. In just two days you will learn the basics of working in a restaurant and will acquire the skills needed to become a busser, host, server, banquet server, or café worker. 

Led by instructors who are experienced hospitality professionals, Restaurant Basics will give you an advantage over unskilled applicants, helping you land a better job faster. If you’re an experienced hospitality worker looking to transition to food and beverage service, or a new entrant eager to start your career, Restaurant Basics should be your first stop. 

Please note: proof of vaccination is required for this in-person workshop. 

Service Excellence 

OTEC’s Service Excellence program contains up-to-date service theories, best practices and tools for those wishing to achieve excellence in the delivery of customer service. This dynamic and engaging workshop has been designed to prepare individuals with skills and tools to create memorable service experiences resulting in customer loyalty and successful customer centric organizations.

Service Excellence in COVID 

OTEC’S new Service Excellence with COVID course was designed to help you understand how to deliver exceptional service within the “now normal” world. Building on the learning from Service Excellence, this program will equip you with additional tools and resources to confidently create memorable services experiences for your customers within our new reality.

Service EQ 

Your ability to read the cues of others is critical to delivering memorable service. Research shows that Emotional Intelligence, or EQ is the strongest predictor of performance and can make all the difference between disappointing, satisfactory, and excellent customer experience. EQ is a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, and cope with challenges. This interactive training will provide you with strategies for understanding, leveraging and developing your EQ both in your work as well as in your personal life.

Conflict Management 

Learn how to deal with conflict, avoid and resolve conflict using emotional intelligence, and develop a conflict strategy. Develop your awareness of conflict and the ability to successfully resolve issues to build stronger relationships with enhanced understanding and collaboration.

Providing Quality Service 

(note: click here for instructions on how to access emerit courses)

Designed for training frontline tourism and hospitality employees, Emerit’s online learning course Providing Quality Service is perfect training for new hires and is a great refresher for experienced frontline staff. The course covers 18 customer service related skills, including communicating clearly, responding to customer concerns, dealing with difficult situations, and working with others.

Customer Service Superstars 

In this one-day in-person workshop you will learn from a team of instructors and coaches with 100+ years in hospitality between them, who will help prepare you for customer service success in the post-Covid-19 workplace. With their guidance, you will refresh basic customer service skills, explore the importance of teamwork in a customer service environment, address cultural awareness and unconscious bias, learn to manage complaints and difficult customers, review phone and email etiquette, and develop a mindset that supports customer service excellence in any field. As this is a full-day workshop, a $10 Tim Horton’s gift card will be provided for lunch.

Please note: Proof of vaccination, masking, and Covid-19 screening policies are in effect at the training location.