Toronto Food Film Fest (TFFF)

Date(s): October 14 to 17, 2022
Location: The Royal Theatre

The Toronto Food Film Fest is Ontario’s only multi-day film and food festival. Audiences will discover mouth-watering and thought-provoking films alongside curated snacks crafted by Toronto chefs. The festival also includes talks, dinners and workshops.

The 2022 festival showcases two Canadian feature films and a selection of shorts from Toronto filmmakers. Alongside these selections, the festival features films from France, Denmark, Japan, the US and more. Topics include the dark side of chocolate, a reimagined feast on Darwin’s Beagle, the future of sake, Toronto’s own Patty wars, the urban food revolution in your backyard, and many more touching and tantalizing stories. With the tagline "Watch. Learn. Eat." the festival pairs these film screenings paired with carefully curated snacks from acclaimed chefs. 

2022 Toronto Food Film Fest 

Things to see at the Toronto Food Film Festival include:

  • 8 feature films, both Canadian and International
  • 18 short films
  • Food demonstrations
  • Cooking workshops
  • Dinners
  • Tastings



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